About Us


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Alcohol Addiction
How can we provide every client who enters our drug rehab center with the support they need to overcome their addiction and reach their recovery goal?
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Opioid Addiction
In order to ensure we can furbish every client with the necessary tools to thwart addiction, we have to have a full arsenal of addiction recovery treatments on hand.
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Heroin Addiction
We know that every client will have their own needs, and for that reason, they’ll have their own set of addiction recovery treatments that will better suit them.

Medical Rehab and Wellness Center

Fortunately, thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we’re able to provide these clients with the extra support they need to reach their recovery goals. No matter what your co-occurring issue may be, our addiction recovery treatment program can help you overcome substance abuse.

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We Believe in Recovery—For Life

We believe in therapy, and that there’s no single prescription or substance abuse treatment to help someone on the road toward recovery. It takes a team approach, and every person needs something different. That’s why we provide a variety of proven, interactive therapies and expose Our clients to a range of options that match their needs.


Evidence-Based Treatment

We treat addiction and its root causes, digging deeper to help clients truly recover. Our Florida rehab center offers group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and family therapy.
  • Group Therapy
    Addiction can leave us in that place, but attending group sessions can restore a sense of community
  • One-on-One Counseling
    Dig deeper into your past and uncover the experiences that could be driving your addiction.
  • Family Therapy
    This helps provide a foundation for starting a strong support network so you can recover for life.