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The Drug Detox Process

When it comes to healing from drug abuse, sheer willpower rarely works. What is truly effective will entail enrolling in a drug rehab facility that can provide detox services in a caring, efficient, and empathetic way. In our drug detox clinic in Providence, Rhode Island, you will get care from competent professionals who will provide you whatever you will need to get to the next level of your rehabilitation process and sustain sobriety long term. Don’t worry, Dillard Recovery can help.


Dual Diagnosis

A client with dual diagnosis is going through both a drug or alcohol abuse dependence and a mental health issue at the same time. At Dillard Recovery drug rehab centers, we have treated people who have both addictions and mental health problems such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Our drug rehab center in Providence provides the guidance, resources, and the certified staff who can effectively treat you dual diagnosis.


Safety and Security in Our Addiction Recovery Center

If you or a loved one with a drug or alcohol addiction, we know that you desperately need help. You may have also made yourself aware of the harmful influences that you or your loved one surround yourselves with when you use drugs or alcohol. It is important that no one who still use drugs has access to the client while they reside in our Providence addiction recovery facility.


Our security staff requires that everyone who enters our facility must sign in first. They must also sign out when they leave. If you don’t want a particular person visiting your while the client is seeking treatment, bring it up with a counselor. We will make an assessment about restricting that person’s access to our center.


Community in Our Rehabilitation Center

Many people have felt like they were alone all their lives. For some people who use drugs or drink excessively, their addictions alleviated this isolation. At our addiction treatment center in Rhode Island, we emphasize a sense of community among our clients. We encourage clients to tell their stories and help people on their journey to sobriety. If you come out of our Providence addiction treatment facility feeling like you weren’t heard, we wouldn’t have done our jobs.


Speaking the Truth at Our Drug Rehab Center in Providence

To get to the point where a person’s drug or alcohol abuse becomes an addiction, they begin to use dishonesty to avoid confrontations and to get the drugs they are addicted to. If a person who struggles with an addiction wants to get better, they have to start speaking honestly about themselves and their issues. We encourage people to speak the honest and candid truth about their lives. When clients start talking frankly about themselves and their demons, they begin to walk the path to sobriety.


Unique Treatment Plans for All Clients

Dillard Recovery sees every one of our clients as a unique individual. For this reason, we don’t treat each client the same. When you enter our addiction treatment facility in Providence, we will perform a thorough analytical interview to get the information that we will need to give you the most effective treatment plan. We work diligently throughout your time in our center so that you can receive the individualized treatment that helps you live a sober life.

The Treatment Process

When you first enroll in our addiction recovery program in Providence, Rhode Island, you will go through the detoxification process. Once that part of your treatment has concluded, you will go on to participate in individual and group therapy sessions with certified addiction counselors. Before you leave, you will meet with our aftercare team to discuss things like 12-step groups, finding a therapist in your local area, and locating other support resources. Don’t hesitate, call Dillard Recovery today.